Writing in Starbucks with a grande tea for company

I thought I would get out and be among people tonight. I had a choice of several fine writerly food establishments such as Panera and Atlantic Bread Company, but I chose Starbucks because it was the most clich├ęd. In fact, I’m sitting near someone conducting a job interview for someplace other than here and a…

Mephistopheles and the Fall of Hell

This was for a flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig at Terribleminds. This is a Southern Gothic tale about a nightclub in Hell featuring a blizzard. I give you ……

I’ve Rolled a Monster

Happy New Year

I was sitting around sick most of the day, so figured I should write something. My new resolution is to write more. I think I managed four posts last year. All … year. Pretty lame….

I’ve been fighting self doubt

I haven’t written here in months and there are far too many reasons why. Each one is worth its own blog post. It can be summed up by saying I’ve been fighting self doubt….

Time Flies

… when you forget about it.

Still sick

I came home with a bit of a cold and it took its sweet time working on my immune system. I don’t feel like doing much, but I’m still exercising. I’d rather get in shape than lay here and rest trying to get over my cold.

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